New Releases

At Ironsgate films, we are innovators. We started the design of interactive films back in 2016 when on-demand TV and film was steadily becoming a reality. As a production house we focus on bringing ideas to fruition. With the latest technology and sound stages in our arsenal, we are able to produce some amazing new titles that we believe will change how you see film in the coming years. We are very proud to announce that 2019 is a breakthrough year for us as we start pre-prod

New Investment

For 2019, Ironsgate Films have increased investment into new projects, new equipment and new studio spaces. Our production main office remains in the heart of Soho, allowing us easy access to the heart of the entertainment industry in London and our new studio space on the South Bank, just a short ride away, offers an unrivaled 8,320 sq ft of space allowing us to increase in-house production with MoCap and Green Screen facilities. We are very excited about our new projects, a