• Ironsgate Films

New Investment

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

For 2019, Ironsgate Films have increased investment into new projects, new equipment and new studio spaces.

Our production main office remains in the heart of Soho, allowing us easy access to the heart of the entertainment industry in London and our new studio space on the South Bank, just a short ride away, offers an unrivaled 8,320 sq ft of space allowing us to increase in-house production with MoCap and Green Screen facilities.

We are very excited about our new projects, as they are more than just films, which means higher production values and higher investment in our titles. It allows us to go further and to produce films as the writer and director intended with no compromise of production values.

STAGE LENGTH = 106' 8" [31.4m]

STAGE WIDTH = 979' 6" [24m]

STAGE HEIGHT = 19' 7" [5.8M]

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