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Troubled Times

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Pre-Production is starting for 6 part series about life in modern Britain.

Our first gritty series starts with "South of the River" A fly on the wall documentary and commentary film following the lives of 4 people who live on the Park Street Estate in the South London Borough of Southwark. The film explores how changing times have affected the city around them, their friends and family and their outlook on life.

Episode one, follows the lives of: Jack, an 89 year old pensioner, veteran of the 2nd world war. Rachel, a 22 year old Transgender person, who is coming to terms with who she is. Margaret, a 44 year old nurse, originally from Trinidad and Pavel 30, a general builder from Poland. Brexit and the far right has torn apart the very fabric that keeps this community together. We look at the lives and the stories of these people living in Troubled Times.

Troubled Times: Episode one: Southwark